Every child in Years 5-9 is required to purchase their own Chromebook to aid their learning. Chromebooks are popular in schools due to their reliability, functionality, and value. Chromebooks fill a new space in technology; this space is between mobile options such as the iPad and the portable space anchored by traditional laptops. The Chromebook needs little, if any, maintenance and has an excellent battery which should last much more than a whole school day if fully charged. It is a web-based device so there is no need for downloading or installing software. The way a Chromebook operates reduces the need for technical support. Student work on the Chromebook automatically saves to the cloud and in particular the Google cloud.

Any computer is a tool to enhance learning – it does not replace the curriculum, but is used to provide new opportunities for innovation. It will be up to each member of staff to determine how to incorporate Chromebooks into the curriculum. All teachers have participated in training sessions and will receive ongoing professional development.

If you would like to learn more, please visit this JIS microsite which gives lots more information: Parents' Device Guide

15-September-2023: Please note, there are currently no Chromebooks available in the stores listed below in Brunei. We have been advised they may only be restocked by the end of the year.

Below is a PDF on Chromebook Skills that every student should learn!

Please read more information about buying Chromebooks in the letter below:

There are two suppliers in Brunei - Concept Computers and CF King Enterprise. When you visit either shop, please ensure you take a copy of the quotation with you so they can honour the quote. 

Quotation from JIS Supplier: Concepts Computer

Further Information from JIS Supplier: Concepts Computer

Quotation from JIS Supplier: CF King Enterprise

The minimum specification for the recommended model of Chromebook are below:


- 32GB eMMC Storage

- 11" non touch screen

- USB-C type power adaptor

- 10 hours battery life

- 3 Year warranty


1. Is it compulsory to have a Chromebook? My child already has a laptop / iPad - can they just bring this instead?

Yes, students in Years 5-9 need to have the Chromebook. Chromebooks offer many advantages for use in a school setting over a conventional Windows/Mac laptop:

i. They can boot up and connect to the network in seconds, which means teachers and students don’t have to drum their fingers at the start of class.

ii. Having the same device in the classroom allows the teacher to focus on teaching, not to have to contend with multiple operating systems in a classroom setting. They can't be expected to know how every type of device works.

iii. There is a limit on what programmes can be added to a Chromebook - they mainly work via JIS' Google 'cloud' allowing us to add/remove resources easily for students - this creates a more secure learning environment than if any device were to be used.

iv. They come with a long battery life that lasts throughout the school day, which means fewer interruptions in learning.

v. Perhaps most importantly they protect students from viruses and malware without requiring heavy maintenance, again keeping learning safe and secure. This is also managed by the school - something that would not be possible if everyone brought in their own Windows laptop or other device.

Any further queries about Chromebooks at JIS please contact either james.seymour@jis.edu.bn or richard.hallam@jis.edu.bn

Setting up Chromebooks

This video runs through the process of the first time logging onto a new Chromebook. Please ensure the first account used is a JIS email account. This ensures that you get the settings and configuration which help you get the most out of your Chromebook.